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To explore the site click any of the links above. There are more menu choices within each section. See below for an introduction and for updates/what's new listings.

Friday 6th April 2007: New image in gallery - "Goth Girl Birthday":: Monday 19th March 2007: New image in gallery - "Flaming Pearl"

This site is named Black Opal because the web-high-mistress happens to love this gemstone (although she has never had the honour of owning a specimen). The various colours of the black opal represent the many topics on this site. The black ground of the stone represents infinity, and is the afore-mentioned web-high-mistress' favourite colour :)

As well as the actual content, there are also quite a few interesting links on the LINKS page and book (and other) recommendations sprinkled throughout.

And lastly, I encourage you to visit the sister site Solve et Coagula, presided over by the great and enigmatic Lucibel. There you can view current projects, and encounter the more self-indulgent side of the web-high-mistress.

Love is the law, love under will

Sunday 7th January 2007: New image in gallery - tardy but at least it's done - a teensy 2007 Summer Solstice picture "Kristos Crowned":: Sunday 26th February 2006: New Gnostic Letter by Hilda May fairley - added as a new section to reflect a new series :: Wednesday 9th November 2005: added a new link to the Rings & Links section for Inner Witch - an Australian based website with books reviews, articles and offering a course in Alexandrian wicca - looks good! :: Australian / NSW Directory - contact listings for Spiritualist centres around Australia :: Sunday 30th October 2005: new mail order catalogue for Summer 2005 (Australian customers only) now available for download here :: 2423kb - lots of gift ideas (for dial-up right-click & save as) :: Saturday 10th September 2005: New Gnostic Letter added to the Gnosticism section (The Story of Mary Magdalene: Part 1), plus a couple of relevent new links there, and somehow two pictures I added to the Gallery some time back were never mentioned on the front page! (minor character portraits: Courier; Moon Priestess) :: Sunday 17th July: New Gnostic Letter added to the Gnosticism section (The "Thought" of Norea) & added two new pictures to the Gallery, both character portraits (Elephant Boy; Panther Girl's Mother) :: Tuesday 21st June (Winter Solstice - brrrr!): New Gnostic Letter by Hilda Fairley added to the Gnosticism section (Sophia Falls into Reality) & in the Gallery I've updated the character portrait of Panther Girl :: Monday 13th June 2005: Two new pictures added to the gallery: Portrait of Queen Kahla, and Portrait of Panther Girl (both character portraits from the books I'm working on) :: Tuesday 24th May 2005: New Gnostic Letter by Hilda May Fairley added to the Gnosticism section - another lined up for next month, so check back then too :: Sunday 1st May 2005: Added a new sub-section to the Gnosticism section - "Letters" by Hilda May Fairley, short essays exploring Gnostic topics. To be updated monthly! :: Wednesday 15th February 2005: checked all internal links, updated a few pages, added a few new pages - basic & well overdue housekeeping to get the website working properly from the domain address. Added links to the OKULTURE shopfront and Black Opal Bookshop on each page as well so maybe I can recoup a little for this (sigh). Previous updates are listed at bottom of this page now :: Wednesday, 21st January 2004: registered a new domain ( where I am setting up a shop selling occult supplies and prints. I will also be moving the gallery there as I've run out of space here. I will be adding the appropriate graphical menu link in the near future :: 1st July 2003: I've made some pretty big changes to the site. I've changed the colour scheme (& this will hopefully stop the {few} complaints about the red on black being hard to read). I've moved away from frames and instead there's now a simple graphics/text menu at the top of each page. I've also updated some of the content and added links to book recommendations :: 10th November 2003: Added new picture to the gallery (Scorpio 2003) :: 20th September 2003: Added three new pictures to the gallery (Spring Equinox 2003 Versions I & II; Primavera Australis) :: 5th August 2003: Added new picture to the gallery - Leo - Fesival of Fire (Lion & Phoenix) :: 1st February 2001: New story - Taakura - added to the Magickal Stories page :: January 30th 2001: Banner link added above to Enlightenment-Engine - check it out :: Also added - New story: - Flowers of Tears - to The Magickal Stories page :: As of 10th January: Added a recommended Reading list to the Dreamtime page which I will be adding to as time goes :: Update as of 17th September 2000: Added the complete version of "A Shared Vision" in 'pdf format to the Gnostic section as well as a prose/poem piece: Tales From the Land of Nod, also to the Gnostic Section :: Last Updated: Tuesday 23rd May 2000. Added a timescale for Ancient Egypt to the Ancient Egypt page, as a start! (at last) :: Changed the Thelemic Library to point to Fr. ChRTM's extensive collection of libers :: Sunday 24th October 1999. Whole new look with frames. Navigation down right side & content in the left frame :: Designed for Netscape 4.6 & screen resolution of 800X600 :: I hope this will make the whole site easier to navigate :: I have removed the bookstore & music store - these were nothing more than an annoyance that we can all do without! Does anyone aside from the book/music/etc companies actually make any money from those things?! :: New as of the 16th November! The Black Opal Music Room has opened. There will be new developments there in the near future, with more shelves and new sections going in. Also now open is The Black Opal Bookshelf. There are many categories to browse through and it will be updated in the future with specific titles. There will soon be a Black Opal Video Room with shelves of selected movies from the silent era to the present day. Check back here to find out when that is open :: Today, the 12th November, I'm adding books to the Thelemic Library. In this case I am trying to link to files in my own Tripod account so we don't have that annoying problem of links that are no longer functional because a website has moved. Go to The Black Opal Thelemic Library to see the changes :: As of today, the 15th September, I am doing a bit of work to these pages again. I've added another article to the Gnosticism section and a page on Vampires to the Mythic Creatures section. More will follow . . . :: Hello all. It's the 28th of June today and I'm touching up things a bit. I've added a few new pictures around the place, including the one above, which I did (though that's nothing much to boast about!) :: The Thelemic Library has been linked up with access to a few books, so check that out at The Black Opal Thelemic Library.

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