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This page is dedicated to stories from different cultures. I choose stories that I come across in other research, or that have a resonance with me or some subject that I am interested. These stories are often cousins to the lofty myths and legends that 'get all the press", and yet they are noless wonderful than their more privelaged relations. Filled with imagery, these are the stories that unexpectedly link up with other images and stories sitting at the back of your mind, and can be a mine of creative inspiration.

This section will be under constant revision, so check back often.

Lymette F. Watters

The Lovers in the Stars
A Japanese Folk Story

The Rainbow Serpent
A creation story from Australia

How the Birds got Their Colours
Another Australian Native story

The Firebirds Story
Modern folk story by Alethea - very beautiful

How Music Came to Earth
A story from the Nahual of South America
telling how music was stolen from the sun

The First Waratah
Beautiful story from the Burragorang people of Australia

Flowers of Tears
Tale from Fiji telling of the origin of the rare Tagimoucia flowers

Taakura, the Moon Spirit
Haunting story from the people of the Cook Islands, of lust & revenge



Lynette F. Watters 1997-2005
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