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Esoteric (Magick, Gnosticism, Philosophy, etc)

Inner Witch
Australian based website with books reviews, articles and offering a course in Alexandrian wicca - looks good!

New Falcon Publications
Psychology, Sexuality, Religion, Western Magick, Metaphysics, the Occult, New Age, Social Philosophy etc.

O.T.O. Australia Home Page
Australian Thelemic Contact & online Library

Anthroposophical Society
Anthroposophical Society information pages - in several languages inc. English

Bast Web Site
Vast site dedicated to Bast but with extensive information on ancient Egyptian religion in general, & modern neo-pagan revivals of the same

Information on the Santeria tradition of Cuba. Very popular site with message board

Principia Discordia
of Malaclypse the Younger. Discordianism in all it's glory

Theosophical Society in America
Information on the Theosophical Society. Comprehensive & with an international directory

The Sovereign Military Order of the Knights Temple of Jerusalem
Information on the The Sovereign Military Order of the Knights Temple of Jerusalem in Australia

The Gnostic Society Library
Great source of Gnostic texts and articles

The Pearl
A Christian Gnostic site

The Gnostic Friends Network
A great site with a very blackly cynical sense of humour, highly unusual artwork, original content. Gnosticism for the modern world

The Internet Sacred Text Archive
Invaluable resource for texts from many cultures and times. Can get lost in the content here

The Alchemy Website
This is a very good site for information on alchemy both modern and ancient, and many languages. Good starting point for anyone interested in alchemy. Also a great resource for medieval alchemical images and texts

Beast Bay
Good ole Beast Bay - no longer updated, unfortunately, and it may disappear soon, so catch it while you still can. Lots of articles and resources

Incense Recipes
Link to a text file of archived messages with LOTS of incense recipes (& remember you can get the raw materials for the incenses in the OKULTURE shop

Robin's Links to the Mystical Internet
Well worth a look through this website. It houses Robin's occult software and lots of links

Satanic Reds
Unusual philosophy but there are some good articles here. Certainly a different take on some old familiars

PC 93's Website
Gerald Massey & Alvin Boyd Juhn texts, as well as other articles and links

Enlightenment-Engine - search online Gnostic texts!
I'm unsure if this is still active but I will leave it up a little while longer to be sure

Science (Strange & Fringe Science, Astronomy, Sociology, etc)

Orgone BioPhysical Research Lab
Research, Publications & Classes on Reich's work

Nikola Tesla Links on the Web
Information on the work of Nikola Tesla

The Institute for New Energy
Serious amount of serious information on Alternative Energy Practice & Theory

Mythscape / Kronia Homepage
Research & information on Catastrophism (Velikovsky etc)

Molecular Expressions: Science, Optics and You
Fascinating little visual demonstration, begins with the Milky Way galaxy and zooms (step by step) in to the sub atomic level - fun!

Mysterious Australia - Rex & Heather Gilroy's Website
Lots of information on cryptozoology, alternative archaeology, UFOs, and more, all with a focus on Australia

The Electric Universe
Information on the electric universe theory

UFO Research (NSW)
Homepage of UFO Research (NSW), with an up to date calendar of their own and other affiliated groups meetings and events, links, etc

Sexual Intelligence
Homepage for the Sexual Intelligence newsletter by Marty Klein, including archive and links

Andrea Nemerson's
A sexual advice column written by a woman with a down to earth & cynical sense of humour

The Stanford Prison Experiment
Slide show and information about the classic psychology experiment. Very scary stuff

Acid Trip - Nine Drawings
Shows nine drawings (with commentary) drawn by the subject, in a US Government test, under the influence of LSD

Home of the Average Human Face
In an attempt to find compile the statistically average human face people upload photos of their own face and it is added to the visual database. The only problem is that they'll only manage to compile the average internet user's face, right? That's why the face looking back at me is white, in its late 20s, and has a healthy layer of winter fat around the jaw . . .

Myth & Fantasy (Mythology, Folk Stories, etc)

Encyclopedia Mythica
Old standby resource, with sections broken up into geographical areas, articles and images. Some information is great, some is sketchy, but over all it is a good site

The Internet Sacred Text Archive
Invaluable resource for texts from many cultures and times. Can get lost in the content here

Urban Legends Reference Pages
Reliable mainstay for information on urban legends of all kinds. When you feel that complusory urge to forward enmasse that chain email, check here first - please!

D. L. Ashliman's Homepage
Fantastic resource on folklore and folktales, including an extensive, categorised library, and links

SurLaLune Fairy Tales Site
Another good site for information on folktales, including a discussion board

I Used to Believe
An amusing site where you can read about (& post your own) childhood beliefs - misunderstandings, fantasies, naive musings, etc

The Wold Newton Universe
The complex interrelations between fictional and historic characters, events, and places


News and Information

Adbusters, Culture Jammers
Vocal Anti-Advertisers, "Jamming" the Consumer Culture with its own weapons

Nexus Magazine
An alternative news magazine with integrity - with an incredible list of links!

New Dawn Magazine
Alternative news & spirituality. Also linked to Life Science Fellowship a gnostic organisation

American Newspeak Magazine
Satirical e-zine celebrating the Orwellian face of the 1990's with cutting edge advances in the art of doublespeak

Cliche Challenge
Keeping track on the rise and fall of different cliches in the news media

Sydney Indymedia
Independent media website based in Sydney (Australia)

Women's eNews
News of interest to women & resources for journalists


Cultural (World Cultures, Activism, Sociology (again))

An online monthly magazine devoted to classic twentieth century popular culture. This site is fun & informative - currently under construction - remains to be seen if it will be the same website it was

Gutenberg Project Etexts
FTP site of Gutenberg Project's free, plain vanilla e-texts of copyright expired books

Website promoting positive self-esteem in girls & women of all ages, sizes, races and backgrounds. Includes Gallery of Offenders sourced from the popular media
A body image site. Has a fun Flash game "Feed the Model", articles, resources and links

Crime Library
Crime stories on serial killers, the mafia, terrorists, spies, assassins, etc. Cthulhu be damned - the scariest thing alive is another human being

Heartless Bitches International
Great website for heartless bitches everywhere. There are articles on relationships, men, women, popular culture, book & movie reviews, website reviews (the worst held up to derision) and plenty more all written with a down-to-earth pragmatism (& bitchiness), wit and humour

Museum of Menstruation & Women's Health
An odd website, to be sure, but fascinating. There's a look around the museum, information on cultural iews of menstruation in history and around the world, humour, etc

Lileks - The Institute of Official Cheer
Where old pop culture is subjected to their patented re-ironisation process, and converted into chipper, spiffy, feath-light postmodern commentary on commercial culture. Very witty & funny

Roadside America
Offbeat tourist attractions in America. I wish someone would do the same for Australia. There could be asection just on the giant fruits and animals of Australia (sigh) Such ennui now consumes me


Writing (Etymology, Writers Resources, Reading, etc)

Elvish Name Generator
A little silly, but we are allowed to be silly on occasion

Voyager Online (Australia)
Science fiction & fantasy messageboard, writers forum, etc - run by Harper Collins Australia

The Market List
Writers resource for all fiction genres

NaNoWriMo Homepage
Home of the National Novel Writing Month competition, held November each year

Writers Resources
Directory of online resources for writers of historical fiction
Database of 20 000 names from around the world. A word of caution with all online name resources, and a LOT of print resources as well - the etymology can be pretty damn dubious

Behind the Names
Database of names from around the world, as well as articles on the etymology and history of first names

The Historical Evolution of Transportation
Rather an important topic for writers of historical, speculative and other genres of fiction - Spelling Keys to 2001 Words from 10 Indo-European Roots
Rather self-explanatory title, don't you think?

Compendium of Lost Words
Lists over 400 of the rarest English words
- an online dictionary of very rare words


Found a broken link? Annoying isn't it? Email me so I can fix it!

NEW!! Australian / NSW DIRECTORY - contact listings for centres around Australia

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