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I was born in Australia and have lived here all my life, and yet, like many non-aboriginal Australians (and unfortunately quite a few aboriginal Australians as well) I know very little about the culture, religion, myths and legends of this land before white colonisation. I definitely feel an affinity for this land though, and I would like to learn what I can about the Australian aborigines' and their cultural heritage. This section is devoted to that ongoing project


A Rainbow Serpent Creation Story

How the Birds Got Their Colours

The First Waratah

Alcheringa Webring Information Page

Outside Links

Internet Sacred Text Archive - Australia
Large selection of texts from the world's religions. This link will take you directly to the menu for the Australian texts.

The Temple of the Spiralled Web (Proto-Nest of the Church of All-Worlds)
Australian Pagan Group with some Information about the Traditional Aboriginal Beliefs in their Locality

Aboriginal Studies - WWW Virtual Library
A Wealth of Information on Australia's Indigineous Peoples' Social & Cultural Life

Aboriginal Resistance
Time-line of Aboriginal resistance to European colonisation of Australia


Recommended Reading




Aboriginal Men of High Degree

A. P. Elkin

Inner Traditions

Voices of the First Day

Robert Lawlor

Inner Traditions

Flight of the Kingfisher

Monica Furlong

Harper Collins

Arts of the Dreaming: Australia's Living Heritage

Jennifer Isaacs



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